Internship for 5th semester found

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 18/May/2012 21:50:00

After a failed attempt to find an internship abroad for the 5th semester (studying for an AP degree in CS) I turned my focus to Denmark. After a visit at a company in central Odense called hedal:kruse:brohus or hesehus, asked a group consisting of some classmates and I if we could get an internship there.

We agreed to hold a meeting three weeks ago and a week ago we got to know that they would like to have us. This was a big relief for me as I now shouldn't be looking for a internship anymore.
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A christmas update

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 02/Dec/2011 21:41:30

So... The calendar says December and that means christmas. The time for being with your family and friends to have a great time. Where many people tend to get really hyped and stressed up to christmas time with presents and all other things there I take the time to calm down and just do what I like.

Beside christmas there's of course also school which is progressing just fine. I'm going to take my Cisco CCNA module 1 Final Exam in next week and the Packet Tracer exam will be in January. January is also the month for my 3rd semester exam which is going to be a programming test and a technology question where the subjects can be in the fields of DBMS, standard servers and processes/threading.
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Summer holidays!

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 30/Jun/2011 10:24:15

Friday last week I got summer holidays after finishing my only exam. I have already written that we made a campaign management system for a roleplaying association. The project turned out to be quite well and I got 10 (B) at the examination.

In my summer holidays I've planned a lot which I don't think I'll reach to do.
I will be following Tour de France and hoping that Team Saxobank Sungard is going to win as I do every year. Beside that I hope, that I'll have the time to do some programming.
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A little update

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 06/Apr/2011 19:42:33

After many months of no activity on this site, I've decided to write a little post and from now on will all content be in english.

Lately I've been a little busy with school, where we've had a project about security and last week we started with our exam project. My group are going to make a campaign management system for a roleplaying association.
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Side flyttet til ny server

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 10/Jan/2011 22:59:56

Efter store problemer med min seneste server hos Mediatemple, valgte jeg i November at oprette en server hos Amazon på deres AWS. Dette gjorde jeg grundet, Amazon kører en kampagne. Denne kampagne giver mulighed for en næsten gratis VPS og kan findes her.

For de mere tekniske personer, så er serveren sat op til at køre en nginx webserver, der laver en reverse proxy til apache. Dette gøres så nginx viser alle de statiske filer og apache viser de dynamiske. Alt dette mindsker latency, når man besøger siden og skulle gerne give en mere flydende oplevelse.
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Ny side oppe

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 24/Jun/2010 19:59:02

Så er der kommet en ny side op. Hvor jeg vil poste en masse spændende ting, omkring det arbejde jeg laver.
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