A christmas update

By: René Løwe Jacobsen 02/Dec/2011 21:41:30

So... The calendar says December and that means christmas. The time for being with your family and friends to have a great time. Where many people tend to get really hyped and stressed up to christmas time with presents and all other things there I take the time to calm down and just do what I like.

Beside christmas there's of course also school which is progressing just fine. I'm going to take my Cisco CCNA module 1 Final Exam in next week and the Packet Tracer exam will be in January. January is also the month for my 3rd semester exam which is going to be a programming test and a technology question where the subjects can be in the fields of DBMS, standard servers and processes/threading.

I think I'm getting along quite well, but I may be a little behind on the reading as I broke my neck in a bike crash and had to be on heavy medication a little over 2 months. Beside it was a painful time it also learned me to see life in a different perspective. I now feel that I need to get the most of my life, it's not like I didn't do that before but it just feels different as I know I could've been paralyzed today or even dead.

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